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The Best Food From People Who Care

Plato Dale Farm is a small family farm in Curriers, NY.  We raise 100% grassfed beef (no grains), pasture raised chickens that are fed certified organic grains and manage our fruits and vegetables to organic standards.  

Our farmer's market CSA has been a hit this year.  Just come to the market and buy what you would like or get a great discount by participating in our market CSA.  We add up to a 20% discount to your account when you join our market CSA.  Email us for more information.

Signup is now available for our winter market CSA.  Either update or sign up through this website under Plato Dale Shares.

Explore our website for pictures, information, recipes and membership.




Hamburg Farmer's Market

August 27th, 2014

We have been notified that our space at the Hamburg Farmer's Market will not be available in September.  We are looking into alternatives.

Half and Whole cow sale

August 19th, 2014

Grassfed Goodness, Half and Whole cow sale. We have lots of beef to move this fall. We want to offer our customers an opportunity to buy a half or whole cow as they come off pasture this fall. 5.00/ l

Half Price Bone and Back Sale

August 19th, 2014

Half Price Bones this week at market. We need to clean out our freezer before our fattened cows come off pasture this fall.   We have lots of bones and suet.  This is the perfect time of yea


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